Easing kids into school: Parents are key

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

Getting the school year off to a good start is so important for your child’s attitude, self-confidence and performance. Whether your child is attending a new school or returning to the same school for a new year, parents can help ease the transition.

Milly Kaiser, family life educator with University of Illinois Extension, offers these suggestions for helping younger children transition into school:

• Show your interest and enthusiasm about the new school year. If you are confident and excited, your child is more likely to feel this way.

• Be sure your child is in good physical and mental health. Schedule doctor and dental appointments.

• Establish a bedtime routine. Children need to get a good night’s rest in order to do well in school.

• Start talking about the upcoming school year and what to expect.

• Visit the school with your child to check out the classroom, playground, cafeteria and other facilities. It’s important for children to feel comfortable in their surroundings.

• Together with your child, arrange a place for homework and a comfortable spot to encourage reading.

• Post a calendar to mark important school dates for everyone to see.

• Share a positive attitude about learning. Your attitude and values play a big role in your child’s education.

Now is the time to start working on that transition to school. A successful transition can set the groundwork for a successful school year.