Sneyd, Lohman top Geneseo Class of 2011

Lisa Depies
Geneseo High School's valedictorian for the Class of 2011 is Sara Sneyd, left. The salutatorian is Hilary Lohman.

Sara Sneyd has been named valedictorian of the Geneseo High School Class of 2011. Classmate Hilary Lohman is the salutatorian.

Sneyd is the daughter of Matthew and Rebecca Sneyd, and Lohman is the daughter of Mark and Nancy Lohman.

Both women will address the Class of 2011 at graduation on May 29.

Speeches also will be given by class president Garrett Donaldson and student council president Blake Croegaert.

Members of Geneseo’s Class of 2011 “are a very independent group” said GHS principal Mike?Haugse.

“They like to be different. For example, they selected ‘caution orange’ as their class color and the venus fly trap as their class flower,” said Haugse. “I think that speaks volumes about their sense of humor. They’re a very fun loving group.”

Haugse said the Class of 2011 “has been a great class.”

“Geneseo has a lot of good kids, and this class is no exception,” he said. “When they take something seriously, they do very well at it, yet they also know how to not take things too seriously. They can look around and take time to appreciate each other.”

The 218 students of the Class of 2011 are the first students who participated in Geneseo’s LINK program both as underclassmen and as upperclassmen.

The program pairs younger students with older students to help foster unity in the school.

“We started the program as a way to make the high-school climate good for all students, and that’s something that’s been great with this class. They’ve done a great job of viewing (underclassmen) as peers. They welcome and treat people with respect,” said Haugse.

The principal said graduating seniors also have had success both in the classroom and in extra curricular activities.

“They had some of our best scores on the Explore and Plan tests, and they did very well on the ACTs. They came into high school academically strong and they finished strong,” he said.

“They’ve also done great things at our school in sports and music and extra curriculars,” explained Haugse. “This is a class that also does a lot of volunteer work and gives back.

“There’s a quote that says you can give your children two things –?roots and wings. I?hope that the roots they have been developing at Geneseo High School are strong and will provide a good basis as they develop their wings.

“I hope they’ll continue to be very successful, no matter where their wings take them,” said Haugse.

Geneseo’s graduation ceremony will be at 2 p.m. May 29 on the high school football field, weather permitting. In case of rain, the ceremony will be moved indoors. Gates will open at 1 p.m.