GHS students raise funds at volley-tennis tourney

Claudia Loucks
Junior varsity volley-tennis tournament winners include, from left: Luke Verplaetse, Jordan Mielke, Brandon?Rumler, Ryan Webster and Daniel?Skelton.

GHS students reportedly “begged” for a second volley-tennis tournament and, according to Michelle Ganson, they got it.

A team of teachers also entered the three-hour competition held in the GHS gym.  

“The tourney was considered a ‘FUNraiser’ for the student body, sponsored by the freshman class,” Ganson said.

Each team received a free large pizza for entering the tournament and Ganson added, “So basically, it was a huge pizza party where kids could play their favorite PE game. Social events are very unique to Geneseo High School and the kids really appreciate them.”

Students are introduced to volley tennis in their physical education classes.

Jan Zum Mallen, chairman of the PE department at GHS, adapted the game several years ago to work  in the GHS gym after observing it at another school.

“Her modifications have resulted in a very popular game at GHS, combining equipment, skills and strategy from tennis, volleyball and handball,” Ganson said.

Varsity volley-tennis tournament winners include, from left: Jake Scott, Sean Miller, Jack Scherer, Ryan Zum Mallen and Dylan Dale.