New Galva grocers excited to be here, plan some changes


A Texas husband and wife say they're excited to begin ownership of the Galva IGA, something they'll do Nov. 19.

Dave and Hena Patel say they are so grateful to Galva residents who have supported them since news of the sale was announced last week. Hena said she is "overwhelmed by everyone who has welcomed us.

"I am very impressed," she said. "We want to be a big part of the Galva community."

The couple is planning to move here immediately.

They plan to make major changes to the store, a few at a time, including giving it a new name: Galva Super Market.

Store hours will become 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. except Sunday, when closing is 8 p.m.

The deli will have an expand menu, including fresh pizza.

A flower shop will be added.

IGA points cards, milk cards and meal cards will all be continued without interruption, as will collection of receipts for Galva schools.

Delivery service will be offered to persons who can't get to the store.