New plat book for Henry County now out

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

The new Henry County Plat Book produced by Rockford Map is now available.

The plat book displays parcel boundaries, roadways, waterways, railways, section lines, municipal boundaries, acreage and an index to owners.

An additional map feature included in the new plat book is aerial map images. An aerial map lies opposite each township parcel map, and is useful in providing a quick gauge to the use of a particular parcel. Latitude/longitude grids for GPS reference are also provided along with a rural addressing grid.

Rockford Map also offers a digital eBook version of the plat book that is identical to the printed book. The eBook features all the same data and content as the printed book but in a digital .pdf format. Email delivery is available for the Henry County eBook and includes a license for unlimited viewing, copying and printing. No annual licensing fees are required.

Call (800) 321-1627 or visit for more details.