Oneida properties' grass is too high


Mowing season has barely begun, but the Oneida City Council has already identified three properties on which grass height violates city ordinances.

During the council's June 1 meeting, aldermen said all three may be foreclosure properties. City Attorney Dan Alcorn will notify those responsible for the properties about their responsibility to cut the grass.

After demolition of a house on West Prospect Street, the city owns a half lot. Aldermen expressed doubt that the lot was large enough for a house by the time mandated setbacks were enforced. One alderman said someone with an adjoining property could buy it in order to build a garage on it.

Alcorn advised that the council advertise for bids if it wanted to sell the property.

Alcorn expects those involved in the ownership of the former Oneida Snack Shack property will receive a default judgment against them in court in the next week or so.

In other business:

- The council authorized Mayor Larry Lawson to sign all paperwork for a sewer extension on West Maple Street where a new house is being built. Lawson said he intends for the extension to go to the west side of the new home because a lot there could be built on eventually.

- A donation of $1,500 from the city of Oneida was approved for the 2015 Oneida Sweet Corn Fest after Ward 1 alderman Mike Kalb, who is also chairman of the Oneida Sweet Corn Fest Committee, told the council the Sweet Corn Fest had a balance of $1,200 in its account after the 2014 event, but needs to raise $10,000 for this year’s event.

- The city will provide two porta-potties for More on 34 on June 19-20, one regular and one handicapped size.

- Bonnie Dennis was approved as a part-time city employee to read water meters. Ward 2 alderman John Dennis, husband of Bonnie Dennis, abstained from voting on the issue.

- City-wide clean-up day will be July 17 when residents may put out larger items than they usually do.

- The council approved the 2015-16 appropriations ordinance: Civic improvements, $29,000; finance, $48,000; police, $15,000; City Hall and equipment, $46,000; streets and sidewalks, $54,000; Allen Park, $14,000; general fund, $206,000; audit, $7,000; Greig Memorial Library, $30,000; motor fuel tax, $50,000; Social Security, $5,000; Worker’s Compensation, $2,800; school crossing guard, $4,000; street lighting, $15,000; special revenue, $113,800; waterworks, $252,000; sewerage operation and maintenance vend, $89,000; and refuse, $40,000.