Best Building/theater demolition beginning

The Best Building, whose west side is seen here, will undergo demolition beginning next week.

Demolition of the Best Building and adjacent Galva Theater is about to begin. Both buildings could be all gone in a month.

That’s the report of Valley Construction, who will tear down the two historic, dilapidated downtown Galva buildings.

On Monday, the Rock Island-based company installed security fencing around the buildings and brought part of a crane to the site. Further crane assemblage and other steps are being taken this week to help drop the buildings in about a month’s time.

“Oh, I’d say 30 days. I hope so,” Valley Construction Chairman Bill Hass said Tuesday.

The public won’t see demolition this week. That could change Monday, however, if Ameren is able to terminate all gas and electric lines by then.

“The first thing that will happen is the tall chimney on the east side of the theater building will be removed, then we will start to separate the theater building from the (adjacent Stark County Ambulance) building,” Hass said.

It could take a full day to remove the chimney, done by hand from a bucket lift, Hass said.

“Once we get the theater down, we’ll probably move over and start on that southwest corner of the Best Building along the highway,” Hass said.