Alcohol sales now in Alpha; former businessman also seeks slot machines


Alpha Village Board members on Monday, Dec. 5 held a lengthy discussion regarding new liquor ordinances following approval of a referendum to allow package liquor sales in the community.

“All we can technically pass on tonight is the package liquor ordinance, although the ordinance is written up with blank allowances for other liquor sales,” Mayor Dean Kernan said.

Doug Kofoid, former businessman in the community, said he would like to reopen his business, be able to serve alcohol and run slot machines. He added he would probably employ 11 people.

“It’s up to you guys,” he said.

Kernan had contacted other small communities regarding ordinances including whether this would result in future expenses.

The board considered licensing, and noted the license required the individual applying be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.

There would be background checks, and late fees for expired licenses.

The board considered whether the change in business would require different or additional police hours.

“There has been a lot to discuss and think about,” Kernan said.

Trustee Mike Petrovich pointed out the mayor has worked many hours to have an appropriate ordinance and the board voted to compensate him for time spent on the issue as liquor commissioner. He will be paid $1,000.

The board also approved the package liquor ordinance.

In other business, the public works report by village employee Jeff Kessinger listed two water meters have been replaced, lead and copper samples have been tested, and the Christmas decorations have been put up with help from George Wirt.

Christmas bonuses were approved for village employees Kessinger, Angie Althaus, Mark Bethel and Rob Burford, $100 each.

Board members and any candidates running for the board have until Dec. 19 to file petitions with Village Clerk Angela Spivey for the spring election.