Nutrien Ag Solutions opens Galva facility

Mike Landis, Editor
The Galva Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Nutrien Ag Solutions’ new Galva facility Friday. Nutrien officials hosted a VIP tour and grand opening events at the new facility at 1051 Midland Road.

The new Nutrien Ag Solutions facility east of Galva on Route 34 officially opened for business Friday, Dec. 14.

“We’ve been around the area a long time,” said Jamie Orr, Western Illinois Division general manager. “Not necessarily in the Galva area — this has kind of been a fringe area for us — but we have been in the area a long time.”

Formerly Crop Production Services — the business changed names July 1 — Nutrien Ag Solutions offers crop protection, fertilizer and nutritionals, seed and precision agriculture products and services.

The Galva Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new 1051 Midland Road facility Friday, and Nutrien offered open house tours.

“Our number one focus is customer service and helping farmers raise more bushels at the end of the day,” Orr said. “Farmers can plant their crops faster and we need to be able to service them faster.”

Orr said the process of building a new facility in the Galva area started in the summer of 2016.

“We were looking for some spots. We had some older facilities and the efficiencies were not there,” Orr said. “We started looking around and trying to expand into new areas, but yet still service areas we’ve been in the past.”

In Orr’s travels looking for a new site, Nutrien discovered the old Tyson hog buying station. A call was placed to Tyson to see if the company was willing to sell the land. Nutrien also purchased some adjacent land from the Corkill family and broke ground on the Galva facility on Dec. 23, 2017.

The new facility features a chemical and seed warehouse, office space, bulk seed storage with a seed treater, dry fertilizer building (capacity 3,600 ton) and ammonia. Orr said the Galva facility can outbound load 250 to 300 ton of blended fertilizer per hour.

“Those are the types of efficiencies we really pick up,” Orr said. “Some of our old facilities we can get 50 to 60 ton per hour, so we’ve really picked up some efficiencies.”

The Galva facility also went the extra mile on safety features.

“With some of our ammonia, we have remote shutoff valves,” Orr said. “If something leaks or breaks, we have remote shutoff valves across the property so we can get to it no matter the wind direction.”

“All of the storm water, rain water on the property all flows to one direction,” he added. “We have a safety valve if there’s a fire, we can retain every drop of water on the facility if need be. We have a lot of safety measures in place at the facility that took a lot of thought and process behind them.”

The Galva facility has a staff of 13 employees.

“We will look to hire new people as time goes on and the business grows,” Orr said.

For more information on Nutrien Ag Solutions, call the Galva facility at 932-2100 or visit the company’s website at www.nutrienagsolutions. com.