Galva City Council approves police car purchase

Carol Townsend

The Galva City Council approved the low bid of $40,690 from Morrow Brothers of Greenfield on a 2019 Ford Explorer police vehicle.

The other bid was from Gustafson Ford of Kewanee on a 2020 Ford Explorer for $48,413. Both bids included the prisoner cage between the front and back seat. The black Explorers were gone, and Chief Kraig Townsend said the remaining Explorers were either white or silver.

Chief Townsend said Morrow Brothers could have the car ready for Galva in four to six weeks, and Gustafson could not have the 2020 for six months.

Chief Townsend said the car the department was going to trade — a 2008 Expedition —had very little allowance, so the department will not trade and instead probably try to sell the vehicle outright.

Chief Townsend said the Expedition has 90,000 miles but has an exhaust leak, ticks, misfires and now a ball joint is going out. The estimated repairs are between $2,500 and $2,800.

In other business from Monday night’s council meeting:

n No one from the Levitt AMPGalva Music Series was able to attend the meeting due to the inclement weather, which stalled discussion on the building of a permanent stage in Wiley Park.

The city proposed to spend $7,500 per year over the life of a 20-year loan — approximately $90,000 —to help pay for the stage.

It was also proposed that the stage have a 30-inch deep pad of concrete, and that maybe the Levitt AMPGalva Music Series group could raise money for the roof.

Third ward alderwoman Bev Everett said she would like to investigate the permanent stage issue more. The council decided to place the stage discussion on the February agenda, so Levitt AMPrepresentatives could attend and share their thoughts.

n The council voted to amend the restrictions and covenants in the Courtyard Estates Subdivision —instead of a one-story home that must be 1,500 square feet to 1,200 square feet. The council also reduced the price to $9,400 per acre. The lots are around one-quarter of an acre.

n Second ward alderman Rich Volkert reported he conducted some research on the viaduct west of Galva that is no longer used.

Volkert believes it either needs to be torn down or rebuilt. He said people have dumped things out there and people still go out there, although it can no longer be driven across. Volkert wants some type of resolution before someone gets hurt at the viaduct.

Mayor Rich Nordstrom said he will contact State Rep. Dan Swanson and see what he can do to help with the matter. Volkert said when all the railroad crossings in Galva are closed, people have to drive all the way out to Kewanee Dunes to cross the tracks.

n The monthly checks received were — $3,023.08, September telecommunications tax; $2,078.39, November video gaming; $14,742.742, November income tax; $6,606.61, September state tax; $5,623.22, December MFT; $4,942.19, December personal property tax; $18,149.24, October sales tax; $1,789.05, December video gaming; $3,024.19, October telecommunications communications; $6,992.94, October local share of state use tax; $21,480.56, December income tax.

n Mayor Nordstrom thanked the city crews for the "wonderful job" they have been doing on the streets during the recent snows.

n The City of Galva will hold an auction in the next month or two for surplus items and maybe a couple of vehicles. The date and time will be announced.

n Third ward alderman Wayde Buck was absent from the meeting.