Kenney's Orion Family Pharmacy here to stay

Ethan Shook
Pharmacist Marci Kenney

In the past few months, a new face has appeared in Orion—Marci Kenney, owner of the Orion Family Pharmacy.

Kenney has worked at pharmacies since she was in middle school and owning her own is something of a dream come true, she said in a recent interview.

She grew up in Polo, a small town not all that different from Orion. She began to work at a local independent pharmacy when she was in seventh grade to earn some money after school.

Kenney continued to work there through high school and decided during her junior or senior year to turn her job into a career.

After attending Drake University, she spent a year working for Osco Drug in Kewanee before eventually moving to the pharmacy at Wal-Mart, where she stayed for 11 years.

Though Kenney worked at chain drugstores, her dream had been to open her own independent drugstore since she was in high school.

When she heard about the opportunity to start a pharmacy in Orion, she took the chance and pursued it.

Many customers switched to large chain pharmacies before Kenney began the operation of her store, something that she acknowledges is a problem. But so far, business has been good.

“An awful lot of people come into the store,” she said. And the fact that she wants her store to have a friendly and open atmosphere is clear from the moment the customer walks in the door.

Two tables near the front offer a place to sit in the window, and customers are greeted when they first walk in.

Kenney hopes that the customers who were lost will come back, but even if they do not, she does not feel deterred.

“I plan on being here a really long time,” she said. She is in Orion to stay.