OHS roof repairs underway, lunch prices to be raised

Mindy Carls
Orion High School

Repairs of the Orion High School roof are underway, superintendent David Deets told the Orion school board on Wednesday, July 21.

After heavy rains earlier this year, waterlogged tiles inside the building fell, he said.

Board members approved raising the price of lunch at each school 25 cents.

A student lunch will cost $2 at C.R. Hanna Elementary School and $2.25 at Orion Middle School and Orion High School. An adult lunch will be $3.25.

It has been five years since the last increase, school board president Doug Nelson said.

Natalie Farwell told the board the Orion PTA officers from 2009-10 will continue in the same positions in 2010-11. Farwell will be president;

Autumn Loete, vice president; and Vicky Tennant, treasurer.

PTA will put on the same programs as last year, including the popular Donuts with Dad and Muffinis with Mom, and add an ice cream social for grandparents at C.R. Hanna.

The board hired Kathryn Lyphout as a senior class sponsor. She is the new band teacher at OHS and OMS.

Heather Gritton was hired as a part-time cook for four hours a day.

Board members approved changes in the handbook for each school.

C.R. Hanna has had three grading periods, but now will have four periods to match the other schools.

The board gave approval to the Orion Athletic Booster Club’s membership packages. Nelson said the packages had been successful for all parties.

Board member Dwayne Anderson did not attend the meeting.

After adjournment at 8:30 p.m., several people in the audience spoke with five of the board members in the meeting room. A few minutes later, Nelson pointed out that the board was not in compliance with the Open Meetings Act. He invited people to speak with individual board members out of the room.

A group that included several board members gathered on the sidewalk in front of the district office and continued discussing issues until a reporter reminded them about the Open Meetings Act.

The act prevents “a majority of a quorum” of board members from talking about official business unless they are holding a public meeting announced in advance.