Uniflyte releases new product

Mindy Carls
Orion post office

Uniflyte, with facilities in Orion and Winnipeg, Manitoba, has introduced the Ultraflyte auger conveyance product.

The Ultraflyte is the one true solution to the problem of premature wear, according to a press release.

It has a thicker outer edge material, resulting in unsurpassed wear capabilities. It also features a larger concave carrying face that allows higher volume and faster conveying.

Uniflyte President and CEO Gerry Cadorath said, “The Ultraflyte is a product that takes into account the needs and demands of our customers. The harder material, the thicker outer edge and the more even wear characteristics due to the smooth transitions and concave carrying face will save money for those who own this stronger, longer-lasting product. It truly represents a paradigm shift in auger conveyance technology.”

Independent research has proven that the company’s flighting exhibits superior characteristics in virtually all categories, the press release said.

Uniflyte is a major provider of auger conveyance, material handling and fabrication products.

It is part of the Cadorath Group of Companies, a family owned and operated business group based in Winnipeg.

Cadorath’s resources provide unequalled support for customers’ needs, the press release said.

The Cadorath Group finds strength in its diversity of core companies and other non-related business units. It continues to provide superior service and products to its global client base.

For more than 30 years, Uniflyte has been providing solutions to industry. Originally established as a manufacturer of roll-formed steel products, today the company supplies what its customers need in welding and fabrication.

Uniflyte products and processes are used in grain harvesting equipment and ice hockey cleaning machines, augers for foundations, snow thrower blades, commercial ventilation systems, paper making, mining and ice fishing equipment.