School board members learn election results

Mary Davidsaver
Cambridge school district's motto

    Before the regular monthly meeting of the Cambridge School Board, a special board meeting was held to read the results of the Tuesday, April 5, election.

    Karen Brink, Steve Evans and Blake Reed were reelected to four-year terms. Mary Richter didn’t run and was nominated to fill her own vacancy.

    Steve Evans remains as board president with Blake Reed elected vice-president. Meeting times are unchanged, the third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.

    New committee positions were assigned. Karen Brink was reaffirmed as the board member to serve on the Henry Stark Special Education Board. Brink and Chad Humphrey will represent the board to the Coop Council, with Breanna Leander as the representative for the Cambridge Academic Foundation.

    Elementary principal Shelly Logston reported at the regular board meeting that 34 children, some not yet three years old, came to the recent pre-K screening.

    “We will be able to service every child,” she announced and added that all kids are free. There will be no cost to the parents or the district as a result of a grant and “utilizing people who are already here.”

    There will be a combined prekindergarten and special ed class in the morning, with another class available in the afternoon. The schedule can be flexible enough to meet the needs of all ages. Parents could send a child for two days or for whatever is needed.

    Logston also listed the scheduled field trips for May and described them as “one last hurrah.”

    “We will have to look out for this in the future,” she said.

    In other business, the board:

    • Learned that recent safety drills pointed out some areas where adjustments will be made to keep the kids and buildings safe.

    • Learned that a high school economics class will be taught online.

    • Heard that “the kids took seriously” the pre-prom mock crash demonstration.

    • Learned that third-quarter revenue was down because state funds were late and some grant funds were slow in coming in.

    • Heard that the leases for two buses are coming due in July. Superintendant Akers recommended going with ones that have added seat belts. He stated that it will be policy in the future and the drivers will encourage their usage.