Orion High School to stage 'Cinderella' this weekend

Ben Jones
Orion High School

In a not-so-distant town, a modern-day high school is performing as the spring musical “Cinderella,” based on a television movie from 1957 and a couple of remakes from 1965 and 1997.

Orion High School is staging the play at 7 p.m. Friday, May 13, and Saturday, May 14, and 1 p.m. Sunday, May 15.

Rodgers’ and Hammersteins’s “Cinderella” is directed by English teacher Susan Beuth and choir director Andrea Cooper.

The musical is about a woman named Cinderella, who lives happily with her parents until her mother dies. The father then marries a wicked woman with two daughters, Joy and Portia.

When her father dies, Cinderella is turned into a slave into her own house. With the help of her fairy godmother, she is able to escape her home for a brief time and attend a ball, only to have to return home afterwards.

However, she is soon found by the prince she met at the ball, and she lives happily ever after with him.

Playing the lead role as Cinderella is Maddie DePorter. She chose Cinderella because she “grew up watching the musical version and always wanted to play Cinderella.”

She also enjoys musicals best because they have singing and dancing, and she has a good time with all of her friends at the rehearsals.

In the future, she plans on going to North Central College in Naperville, outside of Chicago, on a theater scholarship. After that, she’ll go to Second City, a theater group where some “Saturday Night Live” cast members began their careers.

Acting as the character Portia, one of the two step-sisters of Cinderella, is Sarah Mizen, who has always liked the character of Portia.

“She’s very ditzy and makes things funny,” Mizen said. “She’s also extremely dumb. She doesn’t think before she says things.”

Zach Zurcher will be playing the role of Prince Charming, a character who meets Cinderella at the ball and sweeps her off her feet.

Zurcher is also one for acting in musicals because of the singing while acting, rather than just acting out a role in a regular play.

He thinks this play will be one of the best at Orion High School because “everyone’s working very hard,” so even if it isn’t the best, it’ll be something that everyone involved will be proud of doing for the rest of their lives.

The Steward will be played by Jon Nicholson, whose character talks a lot about wines and follows the Chef, played by Grace Leuck, wherever she goes.

Most enjoyable about this experience for Nicholson is that it’s “all-around fun.”

This is Nicholson’s first play while at OHS, but he may take parts in other plays while he is in school. He has no plans for acting outside of school.

Beuth “feels pretty good” about directing this play.

“The cast is doing really well,” she said. “It’s neat to see students out of the classroom.”

She feels “Cinderella” is more difficult than last fall’s play, “Up the Down Staircase,” but that’s because of the singing, a larger cast, more props and set changes, and a pit band featuring OHS band members.

Beuth is proud of the students performing in the play, which gives them a direction and experience.

She is also happy “to see the action come together on the stage.”

Cooper is also “very excited” about this play “because the students have put in a lot of good work, and they’re doing a good job. It’s very fun to see the progression over time from the beginning to the end. It’s also fun to watch the actors and actresses grow.”

Tickets will be available only at the door. OHS?is not conducting advance ticket sales this year.