First half of property taxes due June 9

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic
Clock tower, Henry County Courthouse, Cambridge

Henry County real estate tax bills have been mailed. More than 28,000 bills were printed for mailing. Upon receipt, all property owners should review their tax bills promptly for any inaccurate information.

The first installment will be due June 9 and the second installment is due Sept. 9.

Payment procedures are the same as in past years, and all the information is on the back of the tax bill, including existing exemption information.

Henry County officials said every effort is made to insure the accuracy of information. As addresses change, ownership or status of exemptions, county officials need to be notified so records can be updated.

The staff of each county office have their own responsibilities. Those in the assessor’s office set the assessment and exemptions. As of Jan. 1 each year, the township assessor values property within Henry County. Assessors make market adjustments, add new construction and remove demolished buildings.

Staff in the assessor’s office review the assessments and apply equalization factors. Assessment changes are published in local newspapers. Property owners have 30 days to file an assessment appeal.

Assessor’s office staff also are responsible for all exemptions, which includes the owner occupied, homestead, senior assessment freeze, disabled persons, disabled veterans, returning veterans and the homestead improvement exemptions.

The assessed value is 1/3 of the market value. This value, along with the levy or budget of each taxing district, is how property taxes are determined.

In December, officials from each taxing district in Henry County (125 districts, 24 drainage districts and 16 TIF districts) submits their district’s individual tax levies to the county clerk’s office.

The county clerk enters the levy amounts and then calculates the rates based on the taxing districts’ total equalized assessed value.

Once complete, staff at the treasurer’s office generates tax bills, verifies the amounts and prints the bills. The treasurer’s office collects the money and distributes the funds to various taxing districts.

This year’s tax collection will approach $67 million and every dollar, plus interest, will be distributed to the 125 taxing districts within Henry County.

Tax bills are mailed to every property owner in the county. If someone else is to pay the taxes, like a mortgage company or previous owner, it is the responsibility of the current property owner to copy or foward the bill to the correct individuals.

For more information, contact the assessment office at (309) 937-3570, the county clerk’s office at (309) 937-3575 or the treasurer’s office at (309)?937-3576.