Henry Mouse: Look for posters with Henry County Fair schedule

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

    Time for some updates. The fair is just around the corner, less than a month away. Lots of hustle and bustle going on down at the fairgrounds.

    Thanks to everyone who supported the Trivia Night. I heard it was a success.

    Posters are going up all our so look for the fair logo around town with all the fairs activities listed. The schedule is full of things to do, many which are free.

    Bingo will be featured Friday and Saturday at 2 p.m. in the old art hall. Come and join jus for a fun afternoon.

    A few more activities for children have been added to the activity tent. There will be wheelbarrow races as well as kids petal tractor races on a daily basis.

    Ronald McDonald will also e in the activity tent at 5 p.m. Thursday. It would be a great opportunity for everyone to get their photo taken with him. Make sure you bring your own camera.

    Magic Matt will also be there with stage shows on the Midway next to the activity tent. I hear he’s a great magician and makes extraordinary balloon creations. This is also one of those free activities for anyone who wants to participate.

    No one will be miss anything on the midway this year as new sign posts will help find where everything is going on.

    Saturday morning volleyball tournaments have been added. Watch for signs or just show up.

    If anyone has their own sign or banner advertising a business, we would be happy to display it for a small fee.

    Tickets at a reduced price are on sale now. The Farm Bureau also has discounted day and week passes and senior tickets for their members.

    There will be several cake walks throughout the week at the Midway Activity Tent. Stop by and maybe you’ll win one of the tasty cakes.

    There will also be a raffle for a utility vehicle.

    The board could use some help replacing fence along the tract. There will be a workday Saturday, May 28, at 8 a.m. or whenever your able to come. The weather really put a damage on our workdays so their is still plenty to do. We will also be working nights and weekends so come on down. . . . big and little jobs.

    Gardeners. We still have two places on the fairground up for landscape adoption. The front of the Merchants building and the shady green space by the grandstand. For more information, phone 507-1464.

    Golf carts will once again transport those who have problems walking our fairgrounds. Ron Alhorn and his transportation crew will gladly transport seniors and those who need a ride.

    The board has worked through many financial problems to bring the people of Henry County a super line-up of fun and entertainment for the 2011 fair. It is not an easy job but the rewards are apparent at the end of the when we can pay all our bills throughout the year. When we see the bright, smiling faces of delighted children we know we have done our job.

    When the grandstand and the parking lots are full that’s a good thing but it’s better when we see people from all walks of life having a great time.

    Henry County would not have a fair without everyone’s support and the tireless help from all who volunteers at all aspects of the fair.

    Visit our Web site and experience the joy of entering your wares in the Art Hall.