Orion considers options for refurbishing band shell

Mindy Carls
Band shell, Central Park, Orion

Options for renovating the band shell in Central Park range in cost from $19,000 to $99,000, Orion village board members have learned.

Orion’s goal is to refurbish the band shell in time for its 100th birthday in 2013.

Trustee Steve Newman laid out for the board on Monday, Feb. 20, these options, which include:

• Bundle 1, $19,000 — Replacing rotting boards on the deck and replacing some rotting boards on the temporary deck extensions; power-washing and painting the entire band shell; and building a sidewalk from the band shell to the restrooms.

• Bundle 2, $47,000, all of Bundle 1, plus building a permanent deck extension.

• Bundle 3, $75,000, all of Bundle 1, plus excavating the area underneath the band shell and increasing the storage area; and

• Bundle 4, $99,000 — all of Bundle 1 and Bundle 3, rebuilding the deck and building a basement under the band shell.

The next step is to see what state funding is available, Newman said.

“The money we have set aside is not even enough for Bundle 1,” he said.

“Maybe we could recondition the deck extensions and put something on them to make them easier to move,” Newman said.

Built to accommodate the Orion Community Band, the deck extensions unfortunately are contributing to the deterioration of the deck itself, the trustee said.

Water sits on the extensions and flows into the band shell, which is what causes the rotting, he said.

Newman thanked the Orion Community Veterans Monument Committee for donating $500 to help purchase security cameras in Central Park.

In other business

• Orion has applied for state funds to help purchase a $21,000 squad car, Trustee Dale Stiles said. The grant would pay about $15,000 of the cost, with the village responsible for the rest.

• Trustee Mel Drucker reported Water Superintendent Arnie Sandberg is trying to find out why the village is pumping more water than usual. So far he has not found signs of a leak.

• Drucker said he will find out if an estimate for reconditioning the east water tower is still valid, and whether the work can be bid out this year. Orion would have to borrow $100,000 to $125,000, and Drucker said he is trying to avoid a rate increase because sewer rates probably are going up.