Resident opposes mandatory fee for curbside recycling

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

Having attended the July 7 village board meeting, participating in and listening in the discussion about curbside recycling, it is clear that board members have already decided the way they will vote on this issue.

After the meeting, I went home to reflect on all the discussion about curbside recycling. It occurred to me that each board member has showed his cards on the issue. It was clear that the discussion has not changed any of the board members’ positions.

Why have a public discussion on an issue when you are not prepared to open your minds and see the other side?

If the majority of voters are against an issue, does it matter to the board?

I think it was clear that ALL?those in attendance are in favor of recycling. It was basically which program was going to be decided, mandatory or voluntary.

Actually the word “mandatory” was removed from the mandatory option because it sounded negative. You can wash off a muddy pig, but it is still a pig, just more eye-appealing.

If you want curbside recycling, fine. Just don’t ask me to pay for it. If you really want curbside recycling, pay the $7.50 yourself.

I don’t ask you to help pay for my choice to have high-speed internet, unlimited long distance and cable T.V.

I think the most interesting statement of the night went unnoticed to most in attendance. A board member who actually said the least on this issue said the most.

He stated he really didn’t have a position on curbside recycling either way, but he was in favor of something that would reduce cost and increase revenue.

So if those are the ultimate criteria, I would assume we are going to get mandatory recycling forced on us.

Oh, by the way, the road in front of my house is not much better than a cart path. It has no curb and gutter or sidewalks. Do the streets in front of our elected officials have any of those?

I think the village has much more pressing issues to deal with than forcing more cost to the taxpayers.

Dale Stiles