Republican ad ludicrous, according to writer

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

    Recently I viewed a Henry County Republican Central Committee (HCRCC) paid ad in our local newspaper blaming the Democrats on the Henry County Board for rising property taxes! How ludicrous this ad happens to be.

    The HCRCC would like you to believe that since the county is the collector of the taxes, all of the taxes go into the coffers of the county. First, if one examines their tax bill carefully, they will see that approximately 60% of the tax bill goes to our local schools (61.63% of our tax bill was ear-marked to our schools). Secondly, approximately 30% goes to other taxing bodies (26.59% of our tax bill went to these taxing bodies), such as fire protection districts, libraries, BlackHawk College, etc. Finally, approximately 10% (11.78% of our tax bill went to the county) goes to the county for roads and bridges, public safety, health care, etc.

    Clearly this paid ad is a misrepresentative image of what actually happens where our property taxes are directed. Why, then would they place such an ad? In deceptive practices, fear is a primary motivator. What else does the HCRRC have to hang their hats on?

    Most Republicans that I know are honest, upright, hardworking citizens of Henry County. The HCRRC appears to be a group of disgruntled politicians who are more interested in pulling the wool over our eyes!

Ronald C. Volk