Republican criticism groundless, writer says

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

    It appears that the Henry County Republican Central Committee is at it again!! In a recent paid ad (Wonder Why??), they criticized the Democrats on the Henry County Board for hiring the most qualified candidate as the new Henry County Administrator. The goals of the selection committee for the new County Administrator were to hire the most qualified, experienced and capable individual for the position. In addition, there was a salary range limit within the county budget. Residency within Henry County WAS NOT ignored, but was considered less important than the skills needed to function successfully within the position.

    There were a number of applicants who applied for the position, but the person selected, Mrs. Colleen Gilaspsie stood head and shoulders above all of them. There were no other applicants who had the experience, qualifications, skills, as well as, the confidence of the County Board Chairman. She had been working with the former Henry County Administrator for the past four years and had been very ably trained to step into the position. In addition, with this smooth transition, the County SAVED at least $13,000 of our county taxpayers money!

    Once again the Democrats have put at the forefront their fiscal responsibility pledge to the people of Henry County, as well as, hiring the best individuals to work for the Henry County taxpayers.

John and Natalie Crose