Writer will miss Cambridge

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

    In 1992, I was looking for a place to raise my children.  At the time, I lived in a suburb of Denver.  I wanted my children to experience their childhood in a way similar to mine.  In a small town rather than a big city.  I chose the Village of Cambridge.

    Since that time, I have raised those two children through the school system, held a position on the Village Board and took a picture or two of what seems like most of the kids in the school system now.

    Lately, I have raised (continued?) a ruckus on the College Park Issue.  As for that issue, I would like to acknowledge Kippy Nelson for taking the time to discuss this issue.  We each took a turn explaining our position, and I think that we now fully understand each others’ position on this issue.  Thank you Kippy for the conversation.

    That, however, is not the purpose of this Letter to the Editor.  The time for me has come to relocate out of this area.  I wanted to thank a few people for making my time in Cambridge a memorable one.  At the top of my list in the "Making Me Feel Welcome Even Though I Was an Outsider" category is Hal Dean Vincent.  For those of you who know him, you understand.  For those of you who don’t know him, take the time to do so.  You’ll be a much better person.  This list is amazingly long list, but one clear winner.

    In the "Remember Your Time on the Village Board" category, again, one clear winner, Cat White.  Trying her hardest to keep things correct, she has lost friends along the way, but she will always have my respect.

    To each of those who my path has crossed theirs, thank you.  Cambridge has been a wonderful place to live, to raise my children.

    Back to the issue of College Square Park, some final thoughts:

    This issue came to light when the Village of Cambridge applied for a grant and had to prove ownership of the property.

    When the old high school was built, several things happened.  Two public votes were taken of all registered voters in Henry County.  The first was to approve issuing bonds to build the school.  This second was to approve the bonds themselves.  I have two questions on this part of the issue.  To apply for a grant for the property, you have to prove ownership of the property.  Would you not also have to prove ownership to issue bonds for construction on a piece of property?  If there was any question as to the ownership, don’t you think it would have occurred during the time of two votes or the construction of a building directly across from the Courthouse?

    The year that the area in question was originally platted was approximately 70 years before the invention of the automobile.  Do you think that the County Forefathers envisioned us squabbling over a parking lot?  (Not to mention, a parking lot that the County taxpayers could have for free?)

    Remember board members and voters alike, in this case, park should be a noun not a verb.  I leave this issue in the capable hands of the voters of Henry County.

    I will be in the area until mid-October and hope to have conversations with many of you before I leave.

    I moved to Cambridge by choice.  I live in Moline.  I’m leaving the area.  But I will always be from Cambridge!

Mike Clark