Celebrate Red Ribbon Week

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

 An annual event celebrated October 23rd through the 31st is a worthy cause and one that should be celebrated with vibrance and awareness by every family, school, church and community. Known as Red Ribbon Week?(RRW), this cause has a great history.  

 This is the type of celebration that local parents and teens should get excited about because we need to combat wrongful and illegal use of all kinds of drugs and we really do need to make these eight days Drug Awareness Week.

 Positive promotions proudly displayed by thousands of RRW supporters in our nation help us all to remember the importance of drug-free schools, drug-free work areas, drug-free homes and drug-free kids. Because drugs threaten the future of our nations young people, this threat requires a nationwide response. 

 Adults, leaders, parents, teachers, clergy, administrators, etc. should do all in their powers to re-enforce the drug-free messages to everyone. If anyone of any age makes bad decisions regarding drugs and the drug culture, they will have to pay the high risk consequences of such risky behaviors.

 Communities, schools, organizations, and churches must sound unmistakable drug-free messages and a clear refrain of the urgency that RRW?promotes:?zero tolerance for the illegal and wrongful use of all drugs.

 School students should be selective as to who their peers are. Select those peers who are drug-free and who make careful and wise decisions. Thank you all who reads and responds positively to this annual event simply called Red Ribbon Week! 

Dr. Victor E. Dillman, Practioner and Substance Abuse Counselor