More handicap parking needed at Charger Field

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

I would like to talk about the Orion High School parking during the Homecoming football game, and at other football games.

Taking away some of the handicap parking is not a good idea.

My daughter cannot walk very far. Maybe that is why she has a handicap parking placard. She needs to sit in the car when it gets damp and chilly, as I do. I have never seen the Gator driver walk five feet (athletic director Mr. DeBaillie).

We were parked behind the scoreboard at the Homecoming game, and could “Not” see the game. We were told by the Gator guy he would help us to find seating closer to the bleachers. He wasn’t seen again thru the night.

With our chairs and blankets in hand, daughter using a cane, we tried to get to the bleachers. We could not. I had to get back to the Explorer, as it was just to much for me. Then wondering why we had even bothered coming to the game. Yes, I am a senior varsity mom. Maybe I would have liked a chance to see the game and him playing?

 We were asked by the Gator guy if we wanted a ride over to the bleachers. Never saw him again after we parked. What part does the Gator guy not understand? We need our car closer? Duh! 

What about two rows of parking by the bleachers? We couuld put up our chairs, but still have our cars close.

I have seen and reported to the Gator guy that all his tape is going to hurt a running child. Sure enough I saw a little boy run right into the tape and get hit right across his throat. He took a hard fall but thank the Lord he was all right.

The cost of all the yellow tape could buy me a Gator, and I could drive around non-stop.

Why not go with orange paint that wouldn’t hurt anyone?

I do not think car parking is your calling, Mr. DeBaillie.

Kay Smiley