Separate politics from county board business

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

I am a candidate for a Henry County Board. I have volunteered many hours for the benefit of Henry County. I have worked on Economic Development projects like the successful ethanol project(s) within Henry County. 

I am also serving on the three-county Workforce Board to enhance employment opportunities within the Henry County region. 

In doing this, was all done in the spirit of public service.

I desired to continue to serve in public service on the county board. I crossed over to now to include politics, since the only real choice in serving on the county board is to run on a particular political ticket. 

I am one of them, does not matter either a Dem/Rep, a Blue/Red, I am one of them.

It is too bad that at the county level, the politics starts, and it is too bad that county cannot be run with non-parties like school boards, village government, where the top vote-getters win. 

This will eliminate this “one of them” thinking. The county board then could choose their chair as from the consensus of the whole board. Build a team, welcome the opinions of everyone, not us against them program like the one we have now. 

This will have the county board communicate with the communities with a team concept. Heck, this might work at state and federal level as well. 

PUBLIC SERVICE vs. Politics.

You will find me running in District #1 under “One of Them.”

Tim Wells