Wondering why? Writer has answers

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Geneseo Republic

Wonder why?

That’s what The Republican Central Committee asked in paid political ads in the Sept. 10 and 17 publications of the Henry County Advertizer.

The Sept. 10 issue was about property tax increases. The RCC would have you believe that the board has control of every tax dollar. Not true. Ten cents of that dollar is all the board gets. The rest goes to schools, townships, Blackhawk College, park districts, fire districts and libraries, none of which the board has any control for disbursement of money or taxes. The RCC’s answer--blame the Democratically controlled board for voting for continously increases. Obviously the RCC failed to give the real reasons for tax increases so I did a little research. This is what I found. 

Increased property values, approximately 5% based on a 3 year average county wide. Farm assessments are based on state guidelines. Inflation; (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics). What costs $1.00 in 2007 now costs $1.06 in 2008. Rising cost of fuel and road salt (if you can get it) plus increased cost of health care for our county employees-these all contribute to higher taxes. With that in mind, I looked at my current tax bill. That ten cents that the board has control of, went up about two percent. That’s 2% over last year. Also, there is a financial statement put out by the County Auditor who has given this county a pretty bright assessment.

October 17th Henry County Advertizer; “Wonder Why?” It was questioned as to why the new county administrator that was hired is from Iowa. First, when this person who was recommended by the current county administrator was hired 3 yeas ago for the Assistant Administrator position, she lived in Illinois. Since then, this individual has gotten married. The spouse, who is a police officer in Iowa, must live in Iowa.

The current administrator is retiring. Even with all the applicants that applied for the position, it was decided to hire the most experienced person. That person was the current Assistant Administrator. She possibly may have left if not given that position. If that would have been the case, we would be looking at hiring two people to run the administrator office, neither with experience. Had this person not gotten the position would we have fired that person for moving to Iowa?

Maybe the RCC should let the candidates present their reasons with all the facts why they should be elected and stop pointing fingers and paying to print innuendos. This isn’t Washington, stop taking lessons from the Republican National Committee, put the mud down and may the best candidates win.

Dave DeBaillie