Memorial Day service poorly attended

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

 Monday, May 25. Where were you?

 I just came from the Memorial Day Service at the Community Hall. Very poor number of Cambridge citizens. 

 How many thousands of young men and women are giving of their time and possibly their lives for you and me? 

 They are all VOLUNTEERS.

 They go overseas two and three times in their tours of duty. They volunteer for yours and my freedom, and to protect us from terrorism and another attack on our country. 

 Are you flying your flag? Are you wearing red, white and blue? Did you buy a Poppy last weekend? Did you wear that Poppy to church on Sunday? Do you remember our service men and women in your prayers?

 Have you seen the faces of the World War II Vets that are making the trip to Washington D.C. to see the monuments to our lost heros? Do you think about the nightmares our Vets have when they come home?

 Did you see the people that stood on the streets of Orion, Lynn Center, Andover, Cambridge and Kewanee when the body of Sgt. Schuyler Patch went through on his way back to Kewanee?

 Think about all of this the next time you hear a plane fly over and you know it is not carrying a bomb to drop on us.

 I am the proud mother of a Navy vet.

 Maxine McKinley, Cambridge