Preserve an American treasure

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

Once again, the voters of Henry County will be asked to vote for the Public Facilities Sales Tax Referendum, which is being proposed in order to finance the much-needed repairs and restoration to the Henry County Courthouse. 

While serving as the former director of the Cambridge Main Street program, I learned a great deal about the need to maintain and renovate our existing historical buildings.

I also gained a better understanding and appreciation for the integrity of the historical structures located in many of the small towns in Henry County and throughout Illinois. 

More important is the fact that this program promotes historic preservation in our downtown business districts. 

The Henry County Courthouse is part of a Main Street district, and delaying repairs at this time could cost more than one realizes.

Some have suggested waiting to make the repairs, but waiting could jeopardize many of the historical qualities and unique features of the building.  

More delays and deterioration might also make it more difficult to preserve and refurbish some of the existing original architecture and design, as well as materials of the structure.

I hope that voters in Henry County will support the referendum this time so that the damages to this American Treasure may begin in time to preserve its beauty.

Deb VanDeWoestyne, Andover