Letter to the Editor

Geneseo Republic

‘Real power is-I don’t even want to use the word-fear” is a DIRECT quote made by trump to Bob Woodward in 2016. And, this quote is NOT taken out of context!

For the second time in a year, 43 cowardly Senate Republicans had an opportunity to honor their oath to the Constitution, but failed miserably! And why, because they feared trump, his extreme supporters and their state Republican Party.

A trump supporter told me, “a few rioters being paid by Hilary or Soros who did a little damage to the Capitol”. Unfortunately, the Republicans will be unfairly linked to this splinter group of trump Republicans.

As the world watched the insurrection at the Capitol, we all saw that “few” and “little damage” was proven false. And to blame “Hilary or Soros”, give me a break! TRUMP sent his Proud Boys, his Oath Keepers, his 3 Per centers and thousands of unaffiliated supporters who were infected with the “BIG LIE” to our Capitol to overthrow a free and fair election.

The trump supporter suggested unity, to which I agree, but those responsible for this insurrection, including trump and his allies, need to be held accountable in the process.

Because of their lack of courage to convict trump based on a mountain of evidence, 240 Congressional Republicans have now shown their fealty to “King Donald, the Destroyer” and QANON “Queen Marjorie Taylor Greene”.

And, yes, virtually every Congressional Republican, including Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who stood up to their oath of office to impeach and convict trump, are now being censured by their state Republican Party!

And, speaking of Representative Kinzinger, a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, and one who knows all about what an oath to our Constitution stands for, is being censured for holding to his oath. As a registered Democrat, I support his courage to honor his oath and vote to impeach trump. We need more like him in Congress from both sides of the aisle.

Jim Eccher

Orion, Illinois