Letter to the Editor

Geneseo Republic

Happy New Year! Since this is my first letter of the new year I thought I'd extend the traditional wish most had given out almost two months ago. Two months? Really? Wow, yep March will be here next week which means my favorite of the four seasons will soon arrive on the 20th.  And at least as the calendar goes, my least favorite season, winter, will depart the stage. Pitchers and catchers have already reported for the new baseball season, with the first preseason game for the best team in baseball, the Chicago Cubs slated for March 1. The Covid juxtaposition  of high school sports has football teeing up for an abbreviated six game season on March 19,  with basketball wrapping up a week prior on March 12. While we are looking ahead optimistically,,Easter is only 41 days away on April 4th. Thanks for reading and bring on spring!

Respectfully submitted by Jerry Reedy