Letter to the Editor - Clearing misconceptions

Geneseo Republic

As a City Councilman in Geneseo, it is my responsibility to listen to all my constituents when making decisions concerning the growth and development of Geneseo. I believe it is in the best interest of our local businesses to have Video Gaming, with enforced restrictions, so as to provide our Bars, Restaurants, and Breweries an opportunity to compete with venues in neighboring cities and towns.

I believe people have a misconception of what these Ordinances are about, so let's be clear:

1) This does NOT allow Video Gaming Parlors (Suzy's Slots for example), Sports Books, Off Track Betting, or Casinos.

2) These machines must only complement our local Venues and NOT be the Main Attraction.

3) ONLY Bars, Restaurants, and Breweries with a Pour Only Liquor License are eligible, of which we have 12.

4) Strict signage restrictions already in place WILL be enforced so as to NOT alter the look of our beautiful town.

I hear people who have said they don't want Gambling in Geneseo, but we already have it at the Gas Stations with the scratch off and lottery tickets, and I don't see anybody protesting there. I believe the only thing Video Gaming will do is allow our Bars, Restaurants, and Breweries an opportunity to compete on a level playing field and keep Local Dollars here in Geneseo, and I am all for that!

Craig Arnold

1st Ward Alderman, City of Geneseo

A man plays a video slot machine in a lounge at Huck's, a truck stop in Mount Vernon, Illinois. Republicans in Pennsylvania's state Senate are pressing gambling legislation that would allow slot machine-like terminals in thousands of the state's bars, restaurants and more.