Letter to the Editor - We should take more time

Geneseo Republic

I am sorry to report that I was on the losing side of a 4 to 4 vote with the Mayor breaking the tie voting for gambling.  This discussion and vote happened at our Committee of the Whole meeting and goes to the City Council March 9 for a final vote. The  many emails,  phone calls,  and citizens' comments were overwhelmingly opposed to allowing gambling in Geneseo.  At the meeting,  I questioned the details of who would be allowed to have the machines, what the rules would be to have the machines,  and what signage would be allowed. The response was that we deal with that later. First, based on what my constituents have told me, I will continue to oppose gambling. Second,  I requested a delay to get answers to my concerns,  but was told no. I respect the passion by the 4 Alderman and Mayor in wanting more money for the City,  but I don't feel Geneseo should sell one of our unique positive attributes for a few bucks.

Bob Wachtel,  second ward Alderman 

A man plays a video slot machine in a lounge at Huck's, a truck stop in Mount Vernon, Illinois. Republicans in Pennsylvania's state Senate are pressing gambling legislation that would allow slot machine-like terminals in thousands of the state's bars, restaurants and more.