Letter to the Editor- First responders on duty every day

Geneseo Republic
A ladder truck, fire engine and two ambulances will run out of the new station.

How do you properly say “Thank You” to the First Responders of our day for doing their job and let them know of my gratitude? I get many phone calls from people trying to get donations of money for certain charities. And one happened to me this week. My Cheryl and I qualify for Meals on Wheels from Kewanee Senior Citizens during this pandemic.

This Tuesday, as the delivery man quickly delivered the meal as always, and then went his way – only to return to warn me of the smell of gas he'd noticed at the front door of my house. I'd had a phone call from one such charity worker for firefighters training purposes, then the warning from the delivery man regarding the smell of gas at the door. I wondered why? The gas company had warned they were going to replace the meter earlier, but not in subzero weather and heavy snow. I called out police for help with a possible emergency. They sent Firemen and Police to check it out.

11 AM and they came in to check the furnace with special meters. They determined the “furnace problem” and called Wirth Furnace.

The several firefighters left, the cleaning lady came and Wirth responded. They worked together, and everyone responded, two police, three firemen and the furnace man on duty in minutes. After proper contact call, oh yes, the stove which was in the basement, for years not used, was the problem. Maybe a pilot light had gone out.

We had a nice day, even warm, around 40 degrees. We opened windows thru out the house and basement for complete air conditioning, with the Good Lord's help. Geneseo's First Responders are on call every day. Thank you gentlemen, each and every one. Thanks to our Greatest Protector for the meal delivery man's caring alert to my gas leak.

Vera Hursman