Letter to Editor - Thank You President Biden

Geneseo Republic

This letter is a public "Thank you."

First, thank you President Biden for signing the Covid 19 Relief Bill.

Thank you to those in Congress who voted for this bill; they are all democrats. Imagine That!  While 3 out of 4 Americans support this bill, it passed without any Republican votes in Congress.

This bill gives direct relief payments to those in need. We know this pandemic did not affect us all equally. Many families were struggling before Covid 19 struck.

10 million workers lost their jobs during the PREVIOUS administration. For them this bill extends unemployment benefits.

There is aid for state and local governments who have taken over expanded roles in vaccine distribution and testing.

There is funding to assist schools with safe reopening and expanded tax credits for children. This will lift many families out of poverty.

Thank you to all the Democrats who saved democracy by voting in the November 3rd, 2020 election.

Together we saved our nation.

Betty Murphy

Orion, Il.