Letter to the Editor - Spring snow storms

Geneseo Republic

Mother nature is pulling an early April Fool's joke today (Monday) as I watch the freezing rain and sleet morph into wet snow.

By the time you read this it will all be gone as the weekend forecast is for much warmer temperatures.  Every time I see snow in March it reminds me of a storm that dumped several inches followed by high winds whipping it into waist deep drifts in my neighborhood of my house and one other on what was then a dead end street in a new subdivision.

This was in the late '90's in a western suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. My employer called me Sunday evening to say a snow day was declared and I need not come in for work the next day.  My wife, however, was not so lucky and got a ride from her employer at the daycare which was open.

A snowplow came through clearing a brief path so they could traverse the blizzard. I remained at home watching the wind refill the plowed street with near hip deep drifts. I'd wade through those drifts to meet my wife at the end of our lane at the end of her work day to help her back home.

As the snow melted away last week, I noticed my grass beginning to green up. Wake up lawnmower, your time is coming again soon!

Thanks for reading, go Illini in the Big Dance, go Green Machine and Ridgewood Spartans football and go Cubs!

Respectfully submitted by Jerry Reedy

Spring Will Be Sprung