Letter to the Editor - Life Together

Geneseo Republic

First off I apologize to any of my high school teachers who may cringe after reading what is coming next. In a few weeks, I will mark 40 years since graduating from J D Darnall.  1981: Ronald Reagan was President, MTV was born, and I was an eighteen year old high school graduate set to enjoy a summer before heading off to college in the fall. It was during those summer months I'd receive a series of secret admirer notes from a slightly older lady who would eventually be the one I'd marry eight years later. She graduated a year ahead of me and we ran with the same group of friends but never dated until after high school. A mutual friend coaxed her into revealing her secret admiration at a Homecoming football game. We'd transfer together to Southern Illinois University a year later as she completed her second year at Black Hawk and I wrapped up my freshman year at St. Ambrose. Three more years and we graduated from SIU and returned to Geneseo. It would be four more years and a move to Iowa before we'd marry. Twenty two years after and two job layoffs later we'd sell our house, pack a moving van and come back to Geneseo, moving into the same house where she was raised. And in that house we remain . Four decades of life together. With God's blessing, I'm hoping for many more. Thanks for reading, happy Easter and go Cubs!

Respectfully submitted by Jerry Reedy