Letter to the Editor - We the People

Geneseo Republic

Dear Editor,

Why do we keep wearing COVID masks in spite of their negative effects? We have been presented no data that shows they are helpful at all. Most of us who have gotten the disease have done so in spite of masks, social distancing, etc. and have had no idea where we picked it up.

We wear masks, not because we are rational human beings making decisions based on available data, but because we are being controlled by the government. Masks are easy to see so people can quickly tell who likely compliant subjects are and who might give trouble. This is not new. Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s forced the Jewish people to embroider the Star of David on their coats.

Other examples of recent government control efforts abound including businesses shut down, churches restricted to being almost non-functional, unreasonable quarantines, rioting by favored groups sanctioned, attempts at gun control etc.

This country’s founders had the observations from 1770 years of human nature since the birth of Jesus Christ as well as several thousand years before that. Human nature is the desire of people to control other people. Human history in simple terms is the story of people gaining control of other people.

Knowing what people are like, our founders forged the founding documents to include safeguards to preserve “We the People” and restrict government control. These safeguards are included in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights amendments. They have held the country together for over 240 years and must be preserved.

Dathan Kerber