Letter to the Editor

Geneseo Republic

So the super majority Democrats have just unveiled their legislative and Illinois Supreme court district maps drawn up behind closed doors on a purely partisan basis to protect their majorities.

It is a flagrant and blatant exercise of super majority control to insure Illinois is locked in for a super majority for the next ten years and also to maintain their control of the Illinois Supreme court as well. They were shocked and petrified when Democratic Supreme Court Justice Thomas Kilbride was not retained in a district that is mostly Republican. This put their long time 4 to 3 majority in jeopardy so they had to redraw the Supreme Court Districts to maintain their majority. Pure and simple.

The fraud and games the Illinois Democrat Machine plays dates back all the way to the Chicago Municipal election of 1883. To quote from a story that appeared in a publication of The Union League Club of Chicago History Series the story opens with this:

“In the Chicago municipal election of April 3, 1883 results from the election showed that George Washington cast his ballot in the second precinct of the Ninth Ward. So did Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln and many other distinguished Americans. Such a turnout of notable men had never before –nor since-been recorded in one voting place in the United States. Of course, each of those votes were fraudulent”

Fast forward to the 1960 Presidential election when John Kennedy narrowly won over Richard Nixon. It has long been argued that then Mayor Richard Daley and the Chicago Democrat machine stole the election for Kennedy by the use of their corrupt political playbook.

Then when Barack Obama was poised to became the Democrat Presidential nominee the Democrats moved up the primary election date in Illinois to help his election.

In 2014 Judy Baer Topinka was elected to a four year term as Comptroller. She passed away before her term started. So Governor Rauner had the power and obligation to appoint her replacement to a four year term. What did the Democrats then do? They passed a law that changed Leslie Munger’s four year term to just a two term forcing her to run again in 2016 even though she was rightfully appointed to a full four year term. It was a onetime change simply to make it next to impossible to win a four year term in 2016 when a huge blue wave was in place in Illinois.

So the current shenanigans they are pulling with these new maps is no surprise. They readily thumb their noses at all Illinoisans and think they have no accountability to any voter. They claim to be so interested in the diversity of Illinois, but the only thing they protect is their radical far left progressive ideology and ram it down the throats of anyone who has even a slightly different view.

Every voter and citizen of Illinois should be appalled by what they are doing. Governor Pritzker needs to honor his campaign pledge and veto these totally partisan and unfair maps.

Mike Bigger, Wyoming, IL

Chairman Illinois State Central Committee