Letter to the Editor - Friggatrikaidekaphobia

Geneseo Republic

In case you are wondering what the title above means, let me direct your attention to the date on the mast head of this paper. Breaking it down "Frigga" is the name of the Norse goddess for whom Friday is named. The other two-thirds of the word means fear of the number 13. So, those who believe bad luck reigns today may be suffering from friggatriskaidekaphobia. The good luck is this is the only Friday the 13th for 2021, per my trusty research assistant Oogle B Google. And now for something completely different....

School days school days good old golden rule days. Now that will be in your head for awhile. Until it gets replaced by, say, can you tell me how to get how to get to Sesame Street. Or maybe it's the story about a man named Brady. But back to my previous subject: back to school. Once

again I turned to my chief research assistant Oogle B Google who turned up that Geneseo and Orion started the new school year earliest on the 12th. Galva returns on August 16, and Cambridge August 19. Meanwhile across the river in Davenport Iowa, school days don't return until August 24th. Be aware of young ones when traveling around school zones please. Thanks for reading, football kicks off soon and go Cubs!

Respectfully submitted by Jerry Reedy