Letter to the Editor - the Comparison Visitor

Geneseo Republic

Dear Editor,

In 1982, my wife went to East Berlin via “Check Point Charlie”, a passage through the Berlin Wall between Communist East Berlin and non-Communist West Berlin. East Berlin was quite drab. At one point, the tour guide excitedly described a very large government designed multi-story grey concrete building as their latest structure to house many families “and it has a bathroom on the ends of each floor!”

In the Communist, or other socialist system, the rights of man are endowed by other Men. Thus, the Men (government) decided how the building would look and what features it would have. The users did not have a choice.

In 2021, we visited Taliesin where Frank Lloyd Wright had lived. He designed some very famous buildings for locations in the United States. These buildings were all designed to meet the needs of the user, blend with the environment and be pleasing to look at. If you didn’t like Mr. Wright’s designs, you could choose from any one of hundreds of competing architects.

We in the US have our rights endowed by our creator and we have free choice. Thus, we get to choose where we want to live and who will design the building.

Each time we get help or assistance from the government, we move closer to being controlled by Men and lose some of our God given free choices. Help from the government is not free. The goal of Men is to have everyone be equal except for those in charge who are more equal. The biggest proponents of socialism are those who think they will be in charge.

Dathan Kerber