Letter to Editor - Merry Christmas

Geneseo Republic
A Christmas tree next to some blurry lights

Most of you will read this on Christmas eve as it falls on the traditional Friday issue date. I'm writing this Monday morning, my "traditional" composing date, hoping I'm not too late. Hey that rhymes, without even trying!

In the midst of this great season of joy around the birth of our Savior over two thousand years ago, I pause to reflect on the souls celebrating in heaven this year, many for the first time. In just the past two weeks, I had three classmates who had a Mom or Dad pass away. I guess this will happen more and more as I get older. My thoughts and prayers go out to you Scott, Paul and Pam. My brother Jim joined my sister Cindy and Mom and Dad with Jesus too just before Thanksgiving.

For you and me and the rest of us on this side of heaven, our lives are changed by the end of their earthly life but also bolstered by the renewed hope that we will see them again someday. So I hope in these remaining days before Christmas day, everyone reading this will find a moment or two to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas that came on a cold night in Bethlehem many many years ago. Merry Christmas everyone!

Respectfully submitted by Jerry Reedy