Letter to Editor - The End is Near!

Geneseo Republic

Just like last week, I'm writing this hours before the deadline so you can read it on Friday, New Year's eve. The end is near!; for the year 2021 that is. How's that new year's resolution you made? Fulfilled it or abandoned it? A new opportunity is coming up as the New Year comes in this weekend. One goal my wife and I have committed to, along with about 200 others at our church First Methodist, is to go "All the way through in '22". Pastor Chris issued the challenge just before Christmas to join him in reading the entire Bible by year's end. If you'd like to give it a try, check out the church's Facebook page. Reading plans and phone app information is available (yes, you can have the Bible read to you!).

For those of you reading this on Thursday the 30th, put some sizzle in your day to celebrate National Bacon Day. It is also Falling Needles Family Fest Day, meant to raise awareness to recycle your live Christmas tree after removing all the lights, tinsel, and decorations. Beside being New Year's eve, the 31st is also World Peace Meditation Day with the aim for individuals to seek inner peace that will hopefully lead to less conflict around the globe. Along with being New Year's Day, January 1 is also Apple Gifting Day as a way to wish good health for the new year for those receiving an apple from you. On the other hand, Sunday the 2nd is National Cream Puff day so indulge! Thanks for reading, happy New Year, and be safe!

Respectfully submitted by Jerry Reedy

Out with the old, in with the new.