Letter to the Editor - What are we doing?

Geneseo Republic

Dear Editor,

My Chicago suburb daughter found a newer stove and a refrigerator for sale for a good price. She called the lady, made a deal, and arranged for friends with a truck to get them. When she told her friends the appliances were in Englewood, they said “We’re not going there. That’s a dangerous area. Forget it.” So, my daughter lost a deposit and didn’t get her newer stuff.

On another note, in many of our once-great American cities, you can barely get down the sidewalks or get to the local businesses because of the homeless and their huts and possessions in the  the public walkways. I remember it being fun to look at things, buy stuff and feel safe doing it.

What are we doing to make our cities safe again and to be proud of? We call for defunding the police. We mock or prosecute anyone standing for law and order. We look the other way and encourage rioters to burn and loot and kill people. We fire medical, law enforcement and military people for not taking a vaccine that might protect them and might cause them harm.

If we want to preserve the USA as our Constitution defines it and as our soldiers have fought for since the Revolution, we need to stop being sheep and speak out at school board and council meetings. We need to vote for people who will speak the truth so we can make informed decisions. We The People built this country and still make it work.

Dathan Kerber