Letter to Editor - Why I support Colby Hathaway for Judge

Geneseo Republic

Dear Reader:

I write to ask that you consider voting for my friend Colby Hathaway for Circuit Judge of Henry County at the June 28 Republican primary.

As a former state legislator who had the privilege of representing Henry County years ago, and as a retired professor of government at the University of Illinois, I feel I have developed a good sense of what makes a good judge.

Colby Hathaway has the intelligence, common sense and even temperament to be an excellent judge. As a state’s attorney, Colby has prosecuted criminals successfully and also worked sensibly with young people to prevent those at risk from getting into further trouble.

Colby Hathaway would make a fine judge for Henry County. I ask that you consider him favorably.

Jim Nowlan

Princeton, Illinois

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