Letter to Editor - Jeff Hawes, our loss, EWC gain

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

Friends of Black Hawk College sent the following letter to the Torrington Telegraph to express their sentiment regarding Jeff Hawes becoming president of Eastern Wyoming college.

To The Editor:

There is a simple yet meaningful compliment here in central Illinois farm country after a job well done: “Ya’ done good, son.” That sure applies, in spades, to Jeff Hawes, whom we hate to lose as head of Black Hawk College East Campus.

To folks around Eastern Wyoming College territory, you have a big-time winner in Dr. Hawes. Jeff has provided strong, positive leadership here at Black Hawk, one of the nation’s premier agricultural (and more) colleges, during trying times in higher education.

We are confident you all at your fine college, as well as in Torrington and the region, will come to embrace, as we have, the energetic, smiling, geared-for-success style and attitude of Jeff Hawes.

We send him on his way with the words of Boswell ringing in our ears: He stood by the old castle with heart, purse, and sword, employing intrepid firmness tempered by tenderness and a liberal charity.

It’s corny but true: Our big loss is your great gain.

David L. Dyer, for

Friends of Black Hawk College

Galva, Illinois