Letter to the Editor - Remembering Larry Colo

Geneseo Republic

On July 2nd, my wife Marilyn and I joined hundreds of friends and neighbors of the late Larry Colo at a celebration of life honoring him.  As we arrived at the Antique Engine and Tractor site, the first thing we noticed was the number of people who were all there enjoying this unique gathering.  Family, friends. and neighbors, business associates, all gathered in honor of this guy, as well as his wife Norma, who came to Geneseo and shared their gifts with us.  They brought their family that went to school here, some married here and raised their own families, some who went to other successes in life.  In addition, however, Larry and Norma brought a passion for sharing.  The history of the successes of the L A Colo enterprises, as well as their participation and leadership in other ventures, such as the Patriot Renewable Fuels Project, is so well documented that it is not needed to be included here. 

What is unique, what makes those successes so special, is what they allowed Larry and Norma to do for us, for our community and for others both near and far.  Having lived in Geneseo all my life, it follows that some of us have been asked to help find ways to fund projects that benefit our community.  Our jobs over the years were to find those people who could donate their resources toward those projects.  In essence, we looked for those who could and would donate.  The generosity of this community is documented by the successful efforts we enjoy today.  Larry and Norma approached those efforts somewhat differently, they became the searchers for what they could do, and not with just their resources, but by rolling up their sleeves and contributing physical effort and sweat.  The litany of their gifts is so diverse, so far reaching, that while we here have been presented with unending evidence of their generosity, their support is shared in other communities, both near and far.  If there is a recurring theme to their gift-giving, is that it benefits as many people as possible, and especially those in the greatest need. 

As we entered the event, we passed a place to sign a registry and drop off a memorial gift, and he attendants were passing out a somewhat typical bi-fold that is common at many visitations.  It included a very appropriate message regarding Larry, with a front page that included a smiling face and a favorite cowboy hat.  What made it special is that in the largest print above his picture was the word "Thanks".  Exactly what our sentiments are to him, his loving wife and his family. 

Larry Colo 1938-2022

Ted McAvoy