Letter to the Editor - Motherhood and bees

Geneseo Republic

Dear Editor,

God’s wonderful method for humans to continue the species involves two people loving each other to create a new life. Women were made to nurture the new life and to start it on its way…. an awesome responsibility. Man’s role is also awesome in helping to start the new life and partnering in raising it. Creating and raising a new person is the most important thing people can do.

Women are generally very loyal, tenacious, protective, and creative people and make very good mothers. They teach the kids what they need to learn to be good adults and very often home-school them.

These attributes also make women good employees, or worker bees. Unfortunately, there is an effort to convince women that being a good worker bee is more important than creating a new life. This effort goes so far as to promote killing any new life that had been created if it interferes with being a worker bee.

In the world of bees, only the queen gets to pass on her attributes to the next generation. The worker bees (all female) spend all two to three months of their lives doing repetitive things like gathering nectar or cooling the hive, then die having made little individual impact.

The people world is different in that women can raise a child and be a worker bee. Women can and do lots of wonderful things after getting a new life on its way. Don’t kill the new life – it is what is important.

Dathan Kerber


Pollen can be seen on this bumble bee as it visits an orange cosmos flower.