Accountability: It's a must

Gary Edmonds, for the Galva News
Galva School Board President Gary Edmonds calls for students, staff and others in the Galva School District to be responsible in this week's column from him in the Galva News.

Vince Lombardi was one of the greatest coaches in National Football League history. He led the Green Bay Packers to an era of domination. His teams won the first two Super Bowls. His teams won 98 games during his tenure as a head coach. In fact, his teams never had a losing season while he was head coach. He is credited with numerous memorable sports quotes. But, and this may surprise you, he never won a game for the Green Bay Packers.

Feel free to double check me, but I think you will find that he never scored a touchdown, intercepted a pass, or made a tackle. He never kicked a field goal or punted the ball. He never snapped the ball or threw a pass. He never even put on a Packer uniform! He was only the coach. His players won and lost the games.

I grew up in a community that experienced a lot of winning in high school sports. As athletes, we did not look to a coach to motivate us or discipline us. We were self policing. If you jogged during practice, one or more of your teammates would ‘encourage’ you. Often by introducing you to the ground at a high rate of speed! Nobody quit during a season because they had too much respect for their teammates. No one thought of whining to an official if they were held or fouled, they just fought harder the next play. We, as athletes, won or lost every game we played. We held each other accountable.

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