Capture beauty through lens, then enter it

Diane Gibson
Diane Gibson urges garden enthusiasts to expand their hobby by capturing it on camera, then entering photo contests.

Interested in entering some garden photography contests? Here are a few:

Dutch Gardens Photo Contest -

Categories: Best Garden Bed, Best Flower Portrait and Best Springtime Garden.

2009 Master Gardener Photo Contest - www.http/

Categories: Plants, Insects, and Master Gardeners at Work.

Deadline: August 11, 2009.

Chicago Tribune Glorious Gardens Contest 2009 -

Submit June 21 through July 26.


Local Winner: Pat Griggs, who placed in the Galva Arts Council Photo Contest last year, had that photograph featured on the cover of a recently published book. A talent well rewarded!


Scams: Amateur photographers are targeted by scam artists who run photography contests. Don’t give your photographs away for free or worse - pay for the privilege of seeing them in print.

It’s not that most of these sites don’t use amateur photographer’s photos, but, they build their business on free photos and you receive no benefits. There are plenty of ethical contests out there, read and study the rules first.

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