Pestilence of the Moment

Diane Gibson/GateHouse News Service
Diane Gibson talks about dealing with pests in this week's "For the Love of Gardening" in the Galva News.

“Pestilence of the Moment” is how I describe having one annoying or damaging insect appear about the time another has finished its cycle of destruction.

Because I seldom use pesticides, insects must confer and have declared my yard a no-kill zone. I can visualize these little critters packing their bags and catching the first air tram to my yard.

I try not to use pesticides on plants because most kill the good insects (including frogs, toads and some birds) with the bad. Good insects, birds and bats can perform wonders on the insect pests if you have the right match: Predator and their favorite B&B.

I have a good supply of Praying Mantis, wasps, damselflies, dragonflies, Pennsylvania Leather-wings, and others going about their business mostly unobserved.

Bats, swallows, robins, Indigo Blue Buntings, chickadees are just a few that help. The Common Crow consumes enormous amounts of grasshoppers, cutworms and other harmful insects.

Sometimes it’s a tossup on the benefits.

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